Friday, September 2, 2011

Checking In From El Granada

Quite foggy today, maybe a quarter mile visibility.  Great evening last evening having dinner with our girls, Sherean and Vanessa, and Vanessa's sister Jennifer.  What fine young women.  There is hope for the future folks!

Yesterday, I had the car serviced, cleaned it up a bit and made arrangements for an alignment check today.  I managed to stop whatever I was doing long enough to snap a pic of the trusty car at Miramar, a point on the coast where the surf is inexorably taking down the coastline.  Nothing special about that, I guess, but it is a point where the street is now close to the surf at high tide.

You can see the point that extends out into the Pacific forming the bay and harbor.

The actual harbor is protected by the jetty, which at higher tide has some spectacular (and wet) displays of surf crashing agaist the jetty.

On the point is where there is an annual surf competition.  I walked out along the point as far as I could this morning, before the fog appeared, and took a few shots of the big waves out there.  Even at low tide, I could not get as close as I wanted.  The rocks were just too slick.

This surfer must be thinking uh-oh.  Actually, the surfers are fun to watch  Quite athletic and skilled men and women.

Tomorrow, MJ arrives for a few days.  The girls have invited us to go to the Russian River with them and their friends.  Honored that the old folks are so welcome.  We've partied a bit with that crowd before and the are great people who know how to have big fun.  Should be a nice weekend beginning with the drive up coastal Highway 1.

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