Monday, September 5, 2011

Resting on the Russian River

Today was Labor Day - and no travel of any kind was undertaken.  We spent the day hanging out at the Russian River with Sherean, Vanessa, and their wonderful circle of friends.  So I'll share just a couple of pics.

The weekend had a pirate theme and while there was no actual looting and pillaging, there were good intentions.  Here Sherean and some of her friends give a good "Yaaaaarrrr".

After the sun was high enough to warm the air a bit, our merry gang set sail.  I can tell you the locals were suitably fearful and locked up their sheep.

While it appears here that the Reverend Joe is preaching to the wayward, he is actually gathering orders for take out.

Bottom line..... Sherean is as lucky to have these folks as friends as they are to have her.

Tomorrow, on the road at 5AM - hoping to make China Lake by 6.

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