Tuesday, September 13, 2011

You Can't Get There From Here

The morning dawned.  Doesn't it always.  Its just that it is a grand thing in the mountains.  To the east from Highway 36 just west of Estes.

And to the West looking back as I'm headed out town on Hwy 34.

I've always been sad to leave Estes and the mountains.  Stuck around long enough to get coffee at Kind Coffee.  And some treats to take home for the dogs.

The drive east on I80 is a long one.  I80 in Nebraska is not known for constantly changing scenery.  This is an area where there is NOT something cool around every corner.  There are not actually many of what I'd call corners. I stopped at the border of Colorado and Nebraska to capture the general landscape of Western Nebraska.  You can just add corn and get an idea of Eastern Nebraska. Comments relevant to the I80 transit only.  It might be hugely cool elsewhere.  But, it may say something about me that I do like to look at the corn.  There is just an awful lot of it.

I stopped for lunch in a small town called I don't remember what.  Felt like a BLT and in a flashback to childhood, also a glass of milk.  It was, of course, whole milk, like direct from the cow, I swear.  Been doing the skim thing so long I had forgotten just how THICK whole milk tastes, if thick can be a taste.  And the place served up one size, humongous.  Took me awhile to finish it, but I have my monthly quota of dairy fat.  The BLT was quite good and hit the spot.  People were nice so I recommend the....

Red Rooster Cafe wherever it is in the town I don't remember the name of.  Saw something totally unexpected in that town.  Those curious can send me a note and we'll chat.

To the purpose of being in NE.  Got together with my fellow speaker geek Curt In Lincoln.  A great guy and some sort of genius in the realm of speaker design.  Also got to tour the company he works for, Duncan Aviation.  Duncan is a firm that repairs and refurbs corporate sized jets.  From the frame out including finish and avionics.  There were planes from France, Egypt, Asia and elsewhere in the hangers.  Curt is an avionics, specifically autopilot, expert.  Showed me the lab in which the cores of gyroscopes are rebalanced and tested.  Pretty cool stuff.  Dinner and Curt's company were just great.

Which leads me now to the punch line.  Tomorrow, I was going to shoot southeast and snag I29 south to I70 as the quickest way to FL.  Oops, forgot the flood of the millenia on the Missouri River in June and now you literally can't get there from here.  No bridges and I29 closed.

Alternative plans underway, and I am glad I built in that extra day.

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