Thursday, September 1, 2011

One of My Favorite Places

Since heading West four days ago, I have been covering highways and visiting places that are new to me.  Yesterday, though, I covered ground that is familiar.  I80 Westbound from Winnemucca - open freeway - top down. Before dawn (as always it seems).  Stopped for a pic of the Nevada landscape in the early light.

The run out of Nevada was open freeway fast, fueled by Doobie Brothers and other "get on down the road" music playing loud.  Haven't mentioned my media deck and speakers yet.  The media deck takes tunes from a flash drive - very convenient.  I have about 50 CD's on it.  I also made a "false floor" on the deck behind the seats to house dual woofers (and space for the fire extinusiher, etc) - so the tunes have some punch.  No..... it is not a boom-boom-boom car, but nice balanced sound - loud, which those who know me know I need.

Stopped in Truckee, CA, where mainstreet is a nice colleciton of cool shops - art and outdoors oriented.  Had breakfast at the Trukee Diner.  Next to the Amtrak train station and a piece of history in itself.  Pic from their web site. A great place full of local color and characters.  Wish I had an afternoon to hang out in Truckee, but not this trip.

Took Hwy 89 around the west side of Lake Tahoe.  Glorious.  No wonder the shoreline is lined with homes and businesses.  Somehow, though, it does not spoil it.  So, here is the tacky picure of the car at Tahoe.

On the way down from Lake Tahoe on Hwy 50, I was fortunate enough to find Mercedes of El Dorado along the highway.  They had the rubber exhaust hangers for the 40-year-old car in stock (gotta love Mercedes).  Picked up a couple.

Arrived In El Granada.  One of my favorite places on the planet.  Pacific coast - often gray, but always pretty. Have taken up temporary residence on the third floor of the Beach House.  With the window open, you can hear the foghorn on Pillar Point and the rigging of the sailboats clanking in the breeze in the marina.  Love it.  Here is the view from "my" deck.

The black specs are surfers.

Today will be a day to do laundry, service the car, fix the exhaust hangers and try to find an alignment shop.  The outside edge of the front tires are wearing quite fast.  Must be excess toe in (I would never drive mountain roads in a spirited manner).  Tonight will go out with Sherean and Vanessa, along with Vanessa's sisters and mother. If there is anything interesting to report tonight I will.

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