Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Driving Day

The day did not start out driving, but reflecting. Before sunrise, I drove north of Jackson about 20 minutes and placed myself along the Snake River across from the peaks and awaited the rising sun. Worth the wait. Once light started to appear, I did not move, but, simply took it in. I feel small.


Then it was on the road.  Travelled west into Idaho where there is some of the most beautiful agricultural land (much of it for sale).  Wheat, alfalfa, potatoes, corn, depending on altitude.  Much of it is along the Snake River which provides water.  It was hard to keep eyes on the road.  Here is an example of a farm.

Further down the road, there was an opportunity to snap a picture of the Snake River itself, carving its way through the landscape.

Finally, Nevada, long, hot drive.  Nevada is something to see.  Huge, vast, spectacular.  And despite the emptiness, also beautiful.  The long hills are miles up and miles down.  This picture was taken on Hwy 93 just south of the ID/NV border town of Jackpot. Clever name..... but not worthy of a visit.

On arrival in Winnemucca, I found that the rubber donut exhaust hangers on the back had broken.  So spent some time this evening cobbling up a fix until I can replace them.  Utilizing hose clamps and #9 wire.  There will be no pictures.  Just hoping I can get to a dealer for factory parts.  Don't want the exhaust on the asphalt.

Finally, I have to mention the Martin Hotel.  Not a hotel anyore but a Basque restaurant.  Old building (1898) in a shabby end of town by the tracks.  But inside some of the best food and friendly people, both staff and patrons. When in Winnemucca, don't miss it.

Tomorrow, off for a loop around Lake Tahoe on the way to El Granada on the California coast to visit our girls, Sherean and Vanessa.

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