Saturday, August 27, 2011

Time for a Look Backward

Some of you may want to know why the car is in every pic.  Many following are fans of this body style of Mercedes, called R107 and want to see car pictures.  I'll start tomorrow putting some in without.

This was a day of spending a couple of hours looking backwards.  Some may know that I spent 23 years in Minneapolis, leaving almost 10 years ago.  This is my first employer in Minneapolis, Northrup King - or rather where Northrup King was.  It is now an art district.  This building is actually quite huge.  Many acres under roof.  It stretches way back.  NK was at one time the largest seed company in the world.  If it was planted, NK sold it, except rice for some reason.  Some of you reading this were also employees of NK, working for me at one point or other, perhaps here, or in Washington, IA.

Sadly, I'm going to have to end this entry as the wireless connection is quite poor here and I'm unable to load any more photos.  Sorry!  More tomorrow.

And to finish yesterday. Spent a  bit of time cruising around Minneapolis visiting places that at least had some importance at some point.  This is the house I owned when my son Aaron was born.  Very glad someone has fixed it as a couple of years ago the porch was falling down.

This is the "big house" the largest I ever had.  Can't see much of it for the trees, but that is what makes it great.  Tudor style on a tree lined block.  Site of much partying when young and crazy(er).

This one is of Elliott Hall, the site of grad school trials.

Finally, the end of my travels yesterday, the Grand Falls Casino and Resort in Lyon County, IA, where I am a teeny tiny investor.

Sunday, it is off to Wyoming via who knows what.

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