Thursday, August 25, 2011

Northern-most Point

The day yesterday was a work day on vacation - spent in the office of one of my employers.  Last evening, the journey has reached its Northern-most point, about 30 minutes straight North of Duluth, MN in the mixed pine forests - home of deer, moose, wolves, bears and my friends.  They live in this perfectly picturesque environ.  Lovely and warm in the summer, lovely and brutal in the winter. The drive up from Minneapolis was a typical drive during the summer MN road construction season.  Stop, go, merge, slow, bump, caution.  I35 needs a longer construction season because it is crumbling.  MN is a high tax state, so I have no explanation for why an artery carrying so much traffic is allowed to deteriorate so much.

Had my costliest gas stop so far - $68.00.  I will probably notice the pain more when the card bill comes next month.  But..... I refuse to resort to dollar meals at America's fast food favorites in order to afford the gas.  Fortunately, a Hungarian feast and great friends were awaiting my arrival. 

So, another fast-paced day with a single pic of the Northern-most dusk arrival.  There will be more later in the day today.

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