Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thirteen hours more-or-less behind the wheel. Not as young as I once was.

I must confess to being a bit tired.  Departed Lyon County, IA at 2AM and finished up here in Newcastle, WY about 4:00.  Regrouping now before going out for something to eat.

First stop today was the Badlands.  Highly recommended for anyone coming this way.  Nature is amazing.  Three pics from my trip through.

Plus! the obligatory stop at Mt. Rushmore.  More impressive than I expected.  The sheer magnitude of the project and the realization of what was in the artist's eye.  Amazing.

And finally, my last real stop of the day, at Devil's Tower.  Perhaps the best of all the beauty I saw today.  A volcanic outcropping, but still, it should not be there.  Stunning.

So, today was a sight-seeing day.  Tomorrow it is off to the Grand Tetons.  Should be spectacular.

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