Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rain, Fog, Sun

No snow though.  The day started with some fog in the pine forests of north GA, which became rain in Tennessee.  Stayed in the car for the most part - and ended up driving further than expected.  Got one picture, though a bit boring. 

Though I've taken the freeways from Florida to Iowa many times, I continue to be amazed at the beauty of the countryside.  While it is beautiful, at the same time, I was reflecting on the struggles pioneers must have had in the Tennessee hills.  Must not have been so beautiful to them.

I ended up on the west side of St. Louis suburbs.  A name brand frontage road motel like so many out there.  Only been on the road a couple of days and I find myself reaching for what day it is.  Perhaps my mind has been everywhere but the present.  Yes, it has.

Not the purpose of the trip. Resolved..... fix that as the week goes on so that I am in the present, especially for the parts of the journey that are new ground - which is the last three weeks of it.  Tomorrow I get to spend time with my Dad.  I'm of the fortunate ones who can say my Dad is the finest man I know.  A gentleman.... and gentle man.

I promise to populate the blog with more pictures in the future.

From the Road,

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