Monday, August 15, 2011

Rolling Sabbatical Prep Update 8/15

Apologies to those who just don't care....but I'm having some fun getting things ready for the Rolling Sabbatical, so I have to recap for those interested.

Aaron has completed so much in preparation of the car - Thank You.  Let's see - new radiator and hoses, transmission mount, transmission hoses, new, modern ignition system, auxilary air valve (won't run without), and on and on. Me?  Well..... stereo speakers - gotta have tunes.....fixed an armrest.......  OK, so it is nice to have a pro in the family.

Just a couple more things.... new top going on Wednesday..... oil change..... fill the gas tank.... drive....

Did I mention, by the way, 12 mpg..... don't tell Al Gore. 

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