Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Winding It Up

I knew the last couple of days of the sabbatical would be long ones crossing either familiar territory from Colorado to Florida via the Midwest, or unfamiliar (and most likely not so interesting) territory across Texas and the south.  The Midwest route obviously won.

There was rain at my early departure from Lincoln.  I chose to go south around the bridge closures mostly because there were a couple of interesting things I wanted to check out in that direction.  The weather gave me a couple hours break just as I arrived at those places and then resumed relentless and heavy rain the rest of the day.  No further stopping except for gas and food and no pictures in the rain, though I would love to have captured some of the light show in the sky as I approached Nashville a couple of hours ago.

The first stop today was to check out Whiskey Run Creek winery.  It was founded by the father of one of my long-time and dear friends.  The wines are very well regarded in the area and the winery is a multi-purpose facility for the town of Brownville, NE.  Sadly, the founder has passed away, and the winery is for sale.  Check it out online at  If anyone has had that dream...... drop me a line.

Next stop..... Goff, KS.  Yep, another town that no one would notice if it had not apparently been founded by some ancestor. This one has a bit more to offer that the spot in the Mojave Desert I shared in a previous post.

Perhaps you'll have to take my word for it that the water tower says Goff.  They also have public buildings.  

They also had three gentlemen on a corner and a guy in a red pickup who seemed to cast a suspicious eye toward the stranger idling a Mercedes around, occasionally stopping in the middle of a street to leap out of the car and snap some pictures.  Mr. Red Pickup so much so that he started to follow me around about a half block behind moving as I moved, stopping when I stopped.

My business complete, I thought it best to leave.

The remainder of the day was basically highways and rain.  At this point is is nearly midnight after 15 hours driving in the rain.  I can't keep my eyes open.  Tomorrow is the the final day.  I'll post a little something about it when I get home and do a recap over the weekend.


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